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Chemistry tutor in LA County
Chemistry Olympiad Tutor

Welcome to Pai Chemistry Class

Offering in person & online group lesson (If needed, might be able to provide 1-on-1 private lesson). The lessons are all 100% conducted by Pai. In order to help students efficiently, her assistant, Dr. Larry, helps students together in classes when needed. We focus on teaching Chemistry only & there's no other subjects.

About Pai Chemistry: 

Thank you for visiting this site. A former Diamond Bar High School Honor, AP/IB Chemistry Teacher, Pai, has been teaching and helping hundreds of students for their Chemistry for more than 3 decades. She and her assistant teach AP Chemistry, Honor ChemistryChemistry Olympiad Hands-on Science classes to help students to have solid foundation for their interests and entrance exams. Pai is always very proud of her students because they always try their best to understand Chemistry and other subjects. 

Olympiad Chemistry
- A handful of my students have been chosen to compete for one of four spots on U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Team representing the United States
- Countless of my students have achieved Top 20 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad and U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad California Local Top 5.
- Lecture includes Organic Chemistry (solid preparation for Medical School


AP Chemistry Class
- Offers students a solid foundation for further college coursework in science.
- Roughly 90% of students got solid high 5 annually.
- Before SAT subject test removal, roughly 92% of students achieved higher than 750 on SAT II chemistry annually.

Honor Chemistry Class
- Covers the major concepts of chemistry.

- Offers students a solid foundation for AP Chemistry.
- Prepares students well for their exams.

Hands-on Science Activities & Stem Cell Course (5th-8th graders)
- Initiate interest in science from hands-on activities

- Inspire students to be interested in stem cell & medical fields.

- Assist students to explore answers and become problem solver

- Prepare students for university interviews

Organic Chemistry (College Level) 

- Prepare students for organic chemistry in university

Learn from the BEST of the Bests
Only open 1 class. Offer In Person & Online class.
Register ASAP, class fills quickly
Tel/Text: (626)715-2487
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Chemistry Olympiad Competition Award Night. Pai, awarded as most outstanding teacher, and Chemistry Olympiad Competition top 6 winners (all her students).

Learning & Rewarding Moments
Pai's Outstanding Teaching Awards from American Chemical Society & Other Teaching Activities
Hall of Fame: Few Examples of Pai's students' outstanding achievements in U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition
Warm Messages From Students
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American Chemical Society awarded Pai Le
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BesFuture: Pai & Dr. Larry'
P/Honor Ch​emistry​ Class 2023-2024

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