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 About Pai Science Center

The mission of Pai Science Center is to assist students to do well at their academic career while enjoy learning new knowledge. We provide Chemistry Olympiad, AP Chemistry, Honor Chemistry, Hands-on Science & stem cell and Japanese language classes to help students to have solid foundation for their interests. We're always very proud of our students because they always try their best to understand science and many other subjects. We are proud to see many of our students entering their dream schools and pursuing their dream careers.

Each child only has one youth and his/her time is very precious. We know parents always want to provide the best learning opportunity for children to help them to have good grades and entering their dream schools. Come learn from Pai Science Center, the best of the bests. 


Samantha Jonson 


Main Instructors

Pai Chang


Pai Chang is a former Diamond Bar High School Chemistry teacher who helped many students


After Dr finished his Bachelor Degree from Brown University in Chemistry, he achieved his master degree from Waseda University and PhD in medicine focusing in Stem Cell from Keio University, one of the most prestigious medical schools & stem cell labs in Japan. He has passions in science and many other fields. He co-invented a science patent and he serves as a board of directors for one of the top three largest events in LA. He will do his best to inspire children pursuing their dreams in medicine, science and other fields. 

BesFuture: Pai & Dr. Larry'
P/Honor Ch​emistry​ Class 2022-2023

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